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Data Entry Cover Letter: Samples & Templates to Fill

Tap, tap, tap. Don’t you wish you were earning money from slamming that keyboard? With this data entry cover letter, you can.

Dave Rygielski
Dave Rygielski
Career Expert
Data Entry Cover Letter: Samples & Templates to Fill

You have the speed of Jon Lord on the keyboard—

And the accuracy of Steph Curry. 


At Excel.

Pardon the pun. 

This guide will show you how to display all of that in order to get the data entry job you want, and get paid for typing for once—unlike right now. 

In this guide:

  • Two data entry cover letter examples: one with some experience, and a cover letter for a data entry clerk with no experience
  • The proper cover letter format.
  • A quick template, where you fill-in-the-blanks, and have it ready within 15 minutes.

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See these two examples. 

1. Data Entry Cover Letter Examples

The first data entry cover letter sample comes from Doug, who has some experience with data entry. The position he’s applying to calls for entry and verification of data and billing calculations for a medical company, as well as distributing the finished files to the billing team.

Let’s see how he handles it.

Example #1: Data Entry Clerk Cover Letter 

Text version

Doug Smith

1599 Maud Street

Anchorage, AK 99501



Anchorage, Jan 21, 2020

Tim Employer

HR Manager

AirVac Medical

1 Main Avenue

Anchorage, AK 99501

Dear Tim,

I am pleased to offer my candidature for the data entry clerk position at AirVac Medical. I have 2+ years of experience of medical data entry and coding that I gained at IGI Insurance, where I maintained a 99.87% accuracy rate, and I can translate those skills to the challenges at AirVac.

At IGI, I was also responsible for verification of the data and calculations, very similar to the challenges you face at AirVac. In terms of bill calculations, I have maintained a 100% accuracy rate, and never made a mistake that cost the company or a client money in over 75,000 records entered. I have entered over 100 records a day, some of which were case files up to 10 pages long. I became notorious in the department for being able to decode the doctor’s writing (while two doctors in our area became notorious for being unreadable!), and was the person to turn to for these ballpoint ink riddles. I have managed to automate 15-35% of the process for a standard case file using OCR software. I maintain a typing speed of over 90wpm, and have instructed over 20 new data entry clerks during my time at IGI.

I recognise the hard work you do for the people of Alaska providing the air evacuation and helicopter rescue services, and as a person who grew up in Anchorage, I know the distances involved around here, and the crucial importance of your service. I would love to contribute my extensive data management skills to help keep your business operating smoothly and serving the people.

When could we have a call or a meeting to discuss how I can implement optical character recognition to speed up the processes at AirVac?

Best Regards,

Doug Smith



Doug has just typed himself a new job. 

Not everyone has this much experience, and more crucially—most data entry jobs simply do not require it. So, how to nail the data entry cover letter with no experience? 

Here’s how:

Example #2: Cover Letter For a Data Entry Clerk With No Experience

data entry cover letter templates

Text version

Gina J. Reder

1274 Franklin Avenue

Orlando, FL 32801



Orlando, Jan 21, 2020

Tim Employer

HR Manager

VP Medical

1 Main Avenue

Orlando, FL 32801

Dear Tim,

I was excited to find an opportunity for a data entry clerk on your website. With a typing speed of 80wpm, and experience in Excel, Access, and SQL, I am more than equipped to help VP Medical keep flawless accuracy while increasing workload.

I have just finished Lime Heights High School with a 3.5GPA, with my highest grades coming in IT, Maths and English. I have cultivated a passion for building websites that started in IT classes, and through this I have been met with the necessity of learning some SQL to handle my databases. I also have extensive Excel experience including VLOOKUP and pivot tables, as I have been helping my father with running his company accounts and records for his local business. My computer skills are second to none for someone my age, and I am hoping to study Computer Science at university after taking a gap year to earn money.

This opportunity at VP Medical would not only be convenient to earn money on my gap year close to home, but also an opportunity for VP to have a budding computer scientist look over the most basic of processes and see whether anything can be improved. 

Could we schedule a meeting or a call to discuss whether there are any parts of the process that can be easily automated?

Kind Regards,

Gina J. Reder



At 80 words per minute, that data entry cover letter took Gina 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

It’s that easy. Follow these data entry cover letter examples, and you’ll be decoding modern day hieroglyphs on insurance forms in no time.

Have you written your CV yet? If not:

Now let’s spend even longer than 3 minutes and 17 seconds on your own data entry cover letter. 

2. How to Write a Spotless Data Entry Cover Letter

1. Use the Business Cover Letter Format

You’re going to be working with documents all day long, and expected to exercise due care and diligence. Your data entry cover letter is a document. Treat it as such. Be concise, precise, and organised by using professional formatting, the same we advise for C-level applications.

The business cover letter format:

  • Use your CV font
  • Include three paragraphs in your data entry cover letter.
  • 1-inch margins, 1.15 spacing.
  • Left-align your cover letter, and single-space your text.
  • Keep your cover letter to less than 1 page.

Next, let’s talk about what to include in your cover letter.

2. List Your Contact Information In the Data Entry Cover Letter Header

Simple: use the same header as your CV header. List your contact info, the city and date of the letter on a separate line, and the details of the hiring manager—look them up from the ad, and get the rest from the company website, LinkedIn, or just call them up.

Have all these:

Cover Letter For Data Entry: Header 

[ Your Full Name]

[ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

[ Address ]

[ Phone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ LinkedIn Profile ] (Optional)

[ City and Date ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Position ]

[ Company Name ]

[ Company Street Address ]

[ City and Zip Code ]

Expert Hint: If you’re applying online, there are some specific issues to keep in mind when sending your legal cover letter electronically, which our email cover letter guide will clue you up on.

Double your impact with a matching CV and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.

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Want to try a different look? There’s 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

3. Identify Yourself And State the Position You’re Applying For

Make it just like any other record they handle. Starting your cover letter, right away hit them with the basic details:, what you’re applying for, and why. Address your cover letter by first name. 

Base it on this: 

Data Entry Cover Letter: Introduction

Dear [Hiring Manager’s name],

I am elated to have the opportunity to become a [target position name] at [target organisation name]. I have [number of years]+ years as a [previous position title] under my belt, and have acquired the necessary [skill] skills to handle the volume and type of [document type, industry] documents you deal with at [target position name].

Expert Hint: Don’t know what your typing speed is? In approximately 60 seconds, you will! Take this easy test and run it a few times to find the average. If you don’t have experience to put on your data entry cover letter, you can even take the accuracy rate from this test and put it next to your wpm here, and in the skills section on your data entry CV.

4. Give Them A Reason To Hire You

At ResumeLab, we always advise candidates to back up their arguments for being hired with achievements, or metrics. Cold, hard numbers. Luckily for you, for data entry cover letters, this is easy. The key metrics are typing speed, and if you have experience, error rate or accuracy.

Like this: 

Data Entry Cover Letter Sample: Second Paragraph

You require a data entry clerk skilled in [refer to the requirements of the job]. At [name of your previous employer], I spent [number of years]+[refer to the requirements of the job], processing approximately [X] records for the company in this time with a [X]% accuracy. I type at [X]wpm, with an accuracy of [X]%.

Expert Hint: If you’re scarce for relevant experience, or this is your first job, feel free to list some other achievements from your CV, such as your high school GPA, or private, computer or data related interests on your data entry cover letter.

5. Give Them A Reason Why You Applied

This is not the most exciting job in the world. You’re not going to change the world. For now. Writing about their company mission and goals, and how they inspire you, may seem a little comedic. For an entry-level job like this, it’s acceptable to talk about what this job will enable you to do.

Will it enable you to fund your university studies at a good school while gaining invaluable computer skills that you will later put to use as a full-time journalist? Feel free to write that.

Fill in the [blanks]:

Data Entry Cover Letter Sample: Third Paragraph

Working as a data entry clerk at [target organisation name] would be a great opportunity for me to grow by learning invaluable computer and database skills that I plan to use in [your future career/plan]. I believe I have the prerequisite skills to make a reliable professional and contribute to the flawless accuracy and lightning speed at [target organisation name].

6. Sign Off & Request Interview

End your cover letter professionally, and boldly ask for a call or an interview. You’ve made your case. Sometimes, people need an extra push. Drop in an extra reason or incentive to convince them. 

Use this:

Data Entry Cover Letter Sample: Sign Off & Call to Action

When could we schedule a call or a meeting to discuss how my [your best, most relevant skill/experience/their most important requirement] skills can help [target organisation name] achieve [something important to this employer]?

Best Regards,

[Digital copy of your handwritten signature]

[Your full name]

[Phone number]

[Email address]

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Key Points

When composing a cover letter for data entry positions, remember to:

  • Match the CV header to the cover letter. Paste in the correct hiring manager info. 
  • First paragraph: identify yourself & the position you’re applying for. 
  • Second paragraph: give your reasoning for why you’re a good candidate, backed up with numbers and achievements.
  • Third paragraph: explain your motivation for applying here.
  • Sign off & request the interview.

Do you have any more questions about writing a cover letter for data entry jobs? Did you find our data entry cover letter examples helpful? Leave us a comment, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!

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Dave Rygielski
Written byDave Rygielski

Dave is a career expert delivering a wide range of well-researched advice regarding the job hunting and application process. At ResumeLab, his data-driven resume and cover letter guides help readers capitalize on their potential.

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