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Pharmacist Cover Letter: Examples & Ready-to-Use Templates

You worked hard for 6 years to get that pharmacist degree. Now you’re ready for good pay and a great lifestyle. Use this pharmacist cover letter to make it real and get hired fast.

Tom Gerencer, CPRW
Career Writer at ResumeLab
Pharmacist Cover Letter: Examples & Ready-to-Use Templates

This pharmacist cover letter sample can end your job search.


Why do you care?


Because pharmacists earn a median of £121,120 per year. But—


They’re not making any more pharmacist jobs.


With open positions expected to grow 0% in the next decade, getting noticed is your lifeline.


A great cover letter for pharmacist jobs is the Rx for getting hired.


Fear not. With the right format and ingredients, you’ll hit max efficacy.


In this article, you’ll get:


  • Two sample pharmacist cover letters: one for experienced and one for entry-level pharmacists.
  • Steps to write a cover letter for pharmacist jobs that works.
  • A template for pharmacist cover letters you can fill like a blank script.


Save hours of work and get a cover letter like this. Pick a template, fill it in. Quick and easy. Choose from 21 cover letter templates and download your cover letter now.


Create your cover letter now


CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWpharmacist cover letter example

What users say about ResumeLab:

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: “Wow! I love your cover letter.”

I love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work!

My previous cover letter was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful!

Create your cover letter now


Looking for other cover letter examples for positions in healthcare and wellbeing? See:



Haven't found what you're looking for? Check all our CV cover letter examples.


We’ll start with two great cover letter examples for pharmacists:


1. Pharmacist Cover Letter Examples


Here’s Thomas.


With two years of experience, he’s no stranger to a lab balance.


But he just found his unicorn dream job. It’s a pharmacist opening that needs skills in coaching, customer service, and record-keeping.


It also wants a cost-cutting superhero.


Thomas will shine with this retail pharmacist cover letter sample:


Example #1: Experienced Pharmacist Candidate


Text version


Thomas Ramadi









Ava Pacino

General Manager


1837 Hanifan Lane

Atlanta, GA 30303


Dear Ms. Pacino,


When I started as a pharmacist at Rite Aid, the store had significant cost overruns. Through putting supplies in FIFO supermarkets, retraining staff in best practises, and working with vendors on loyalty pricing, my team and I drove down costs by 26%.


That's why I'm so excited about applying for the pharmacist opening at Walmart. I'm committed to maximising customer experience, and Walmart would give me ample tools to continuously improve performance. Your ad mentioned that you need a pharmacist with 2 years of experience. I have that, plus these accomplishments that match the job:

  • Coaching: Coached 5+ pharmacy techs, raising performance to KPIs by 30%.
  • Customer service: Raised customer satisfaction survey scores by 38%.
  • Record keeping: Implemented new record-keeping procedures that slashed time spent by 6 hours per week, freeing up capacity to improve service.


I'm happy to talk soon about how my customer service, leadership, and efficiency can help Walmart's goal of "saving people money so they can live better."


Best Regards,

Thomas Ramadi, Pharmacist


PS—I'd be glad to share how I mentored 18 employees to an average 20% increase in OKR performance.


Dream job? Meet dream applicant.


“Hang on! I can’t claim all that! I’m looking for my first pharmacist job!”


Don’t worry.


A pharmacist cover letter with no experience just needs the right start.


To see how, let’s look at Anna.


She’s been a pharmacy technician, but she’s never held the reins.


But she really wants this awesome pharmacist job she found. It’s got a fat 401K and full benefits.


This sample cover letter for a pharmacist position will put her in the lab coat:


Example #2: Junior Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample



pharmacist cover letter


Anna Zuber









Kempton Swanson

General Manager

Rite Aid

2434 Stroop Hill Road

Atlanta, GA 30303


Dear Mr. Swanson,


I'm writing about the pharmacist position at Rite Aid. Passing the NAPLEX with a score of 148 was certainly a high point. But I'm well aware that pharmacy knowledge is only half the battle. That's why I think my experience as a supervisor at Applebee's will serve me well as I serve Rite Aid's customers.


I know from your job ad that you need a pharmacy manager skilled in leadership, budgeting, and record-keeping. During my internship at Walgreens, I assisted with budgeting and patient records, but it was at Applebee's that I built my key leadership skills. There, I created waitstaff budgets for 2 years and led a staff of 8, receiving 4 commendations from management for leadership.


I'd love to discuss how my commitment to customer service can help Rite Aid's customers meet their needs quickly, ensuring loyalty and increased revenue.


Best Regards,

Anna Zuber, Pharmacist


That’s a shot in the arm.


Anna’s retail pharmacist cover letter sample works because she shows that even with “no experience,” she can do the job.


Cover letters are important. CVs are essential. See our guide: Pharmacist CV Sample & Guide


2. How to Write a Cover Letter for Pharmacist Jobs Step by Step (Template)


Ready to have the best cover letter for pharmacist jobs in the pile?


This won’t take long.


Here’s how to write a cover letter for pharmacist jobs:


1. Choose the Best Pharmacist Cover Letter Format


You’d never put albuterol in a pill bottle.


So why would you use the wrong cover letter format?


To look as professional as a crisp lab coat, follow these tips.


Here’s how to format a pharmacist cover letter:

  • Use a 3-paragraph layout, with or without bullet points.
  • Set 1-inch margins and single line-spacing.
  • Left-align all your cover letter parts.
  • Set your length at a page or less.
  • Use the cover letter font from your CV.

Expert Hint: A 6-month study of two paediatric hospitals found the most common pharmacist error was overdosage. If you’ve had success reducing error rates and incorrect dosages, mention it in your cover letter for pharmacist jobs.

2. List Contact Info in the Heading of Your Cover Letter


Picture this:


You walk into a pharmacy. The pharmacist is in ripped jeans and a tank top.


You’d probably walk out again.


To set the right tone, your retail or hospital pharmacist cover letter must be business-ready.


See this cover letter sample for pharmacist jobs:


Pharmacist Cover Letter Example Template: Heading


[Your Name]


[Phone Number]


[Online Portfolio]

[LinkedIn Profile]




[Hiring Manager Name]




[City, State, Zip]


Tip: Make sure the contact info and layout of your cover letter matches your CV.


Double your impact with a matching CV and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.


create your cover letter now




Want to try a different look? There’s 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

3. Introduce Yourself and Catch the Eye


What if:


You saw a pharmacist job ad for £300K?


Would that get your attention?


You need to get the pharmacy hiring manager’s attention like that.


In the first paragraph of your cover letter, address the manager by name.


Then lead with your biggest strength.


Use this template:


Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample: Paragraph #1


Dear [Manager’s Name],


When I started as a pharmacist at [Previous Company], the store had significant [Initial Problem]. Through [3 Skills You Used], my team and I [Major Achievement You Attained].




That’ll make them stop wondering about automatic bottlers.




What if your pharmacist experience is still on order?


In a retail or clinical pharmacist cover letter with no experience, use hooks like:

  • A news item about the company
  • A great moment from your residency
  • Any positive fact about the business
  • An insider referral


And remember—use Ms for female employers, not Miss or Mrs.

Expert Hint: A study published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association found nearly 70% of pharmacists feel stressed and overworked. Self-care for pharmacists is a must. Are you a pro at taking stressful situations in stride? Showing calm amid the storm looks great in a cover letter for pharmacist jobs.

4. Mention Pharmacist Skills & Achievements They Want


Interaction time:


You know not to give NSAIDs to someone on Warfarin.


But many pharmacy cover letters use the wrong prescription. They talk about things employers could care less about.




Custom-fit your cover letter to the pharmacist job you want.


Your second paragraph should show pharmacy high points. (Bullets are optional.)


See this example:


Example Cover Letter for Pharmacist: Paragraph #2


That's why I'm so excited about applying for the pharmacist opening at [Company Name]. I'm committed to [Key Job Requirement], and [Company Name] would give me ample tools to continuously improve performance. Your ad mentioned that you need a pharmacist with [#] years of experience. I have that, plus these accomplishments that match the job:

  • [Pharmacist Skill #1]. [High Point #1]
  • [Pharmacist Skill #2]. [High Point #2]
  • [Pharmacist Skill #3]. [High Point #3]

Expert Hint: A meta-analysis published in the journal Medical Care shows involving pharmacists as health care team members raises quality of care. Have you collaborated with doctors and nurses to help patients? Not a bad perk for a clinical pharmacist cover letter.


5. Request the Interview


You don’t read minds.


If a patient doesn’t show you a prescription, you can’t fill it.


In the same way, you need to ask for what you want from hiring teams.


The end of a cover letter should request the interview.


Here’s a sample pharmacist cover letter closing:


Sample Cover Letter for Pharmacist Jobs: Call to Action


I'm happy to talk soon about how my [3 Skills They Need] can help [Company Name]’s goal of [Quote from Company Mission Statement]. Can we set up a time to chat?


Best Regards,


[Digital Signature] 

[Full Name & Title]

[Phone Number]



With ResumeLab’s CV builder you’ll write your CV in a flash. Get specific content to boost your chances of getting the job. Add job descriptions, bullet points, and skills. Improve your CV in our CV builder now.


create your CV now




Nail it all with a splash of colour, choose a clean font, highlight your skills in just a few clicks. You’re the perfect candidate and we’ll prove it. Just pick one of 18 CV templates and get started now.

Key Points


To write a cover letter for pharmacist jobs:

  • Format your pharmacist cover letter professionally.
  • Use the hiring manager’s name.
  • Give the job title you’re applying for.
  • In paragraph #1, get their attention.
  • In your second paragraph, show off your skills a little.
  • At the end of your cover letter for pharmacist jobs, request the interview.


Do you have questions about writing hospital pharmacist cover letters? Need more cover letter samples for pharmacist jobs? Let’s chat in the comments section. And thanks for reading!

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Tom Gerencer, CPRW
Having published over 200 career-advice articles, Tom Gerencer is a career expert who covers the whole array of job-seeking topics for people at all career stages, from interns to C-suite members. His insights, commentary, and articles reach over a million readers every month. With inside knowledge of key industry players and in-depth research, Tom helps job seekers with advice across all professions and career stages. Tom holds a degree in English from Colby College.

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