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Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Examples

Follow our guide and learn how to write a customer service representative cover letter that will show that you are much more than KPIs.

Dave Rygielski
Dave Rygielski
Career Expert
Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Examples

Whether you’re taking returns of toasters at the Customer Service desk, or solving problems for someone on the other side of the globe— 

One thing is for sure. 

You must inspire confidence. 

You must act as if everything is under control, and will be solved shortly.

Starting with your customer service representative cover letter. Starting now.

The first customer you need to reassure everything’s going to be alright is your hiring manager.

In this guide:

  • A customer service representative cover letter sample for experienced candidates, and also a cover letter for customer service representative with no experience.
  • A complete guide on all the things that make a readable, accessible cover letter. 
  • Expert hints on how to get hired.
  • A sample cover letter for customer service representative positions—you can fill-in-the blanks and send off within minutes.

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To start off with, let’s have a look at our two customer service representative cover letter examples. See exactly how they present themselves as a great hire and seal the deal.

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Samples

The first one is a sample customer service representative cover letter for Gregory, who already has a few years of experience. 

The company is seeking a senior customer service representative who can work in a fast-paced environment, as well as train and onboard new staff.

Here’s how to become the hiring manager’s impulse buy: 

Example #1: Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

Gregory D. Stephens

166 Scenic Way

Springfield, IL 62701




Springfield, March 3, 2021

Kate Atkinson

Hiring Manager

June Global

1 Main Avenue

Springfield, IL 62701

Dear Kate,

I am writing to you regarding your company’s customer service representative opening. I am more than glad to apply for this position. I have been working as a customer service specialist at SolidUS for 3+ years now. During that time I took part in four customer service training courses, I also organised two such trainings for 20+ workers.

My current job demands making 70+ phone calls a day to new and already existing customers. I maintained customer retention 32% above the company average. My 98% positive customer survey results show that I can easily adjust even to disgruntled customers. My impeccable manners and patience along with sales efficiency at 78%+ makes me the worker of the month for two months in a row now. My achievements resulted in me becoming a customer contact trainer, and so far, I have been responsible for training 14 of my colleagues and organising individual and group workshops for groups of 20+.

I am convinced that my proven expertise in training colleagues will allow me to increase the results of all customer service representatives at June Global. I am eager to share my experience gathered over the 3+ years of my previous job.

I would be thankful for setting an appointment to discuss how my staff training experience can benefit June Global immediately.


Gregory D. Stephens



This customer service representative cover letter clearly displays Gregory’s potential value to the new employer—he could slot into their needs perfectly. 

That’s a great example if you have relevant experience, but what if you need to write a cover letter for a customer service representative job with no experience? 

We got you.

Here is another potential great hire, Brian. 

Brian is applying for a Customer Service Representative position that requires effective customer service and communication, the ability to work in a team, as well as adaptability.

Brian has not worked as a CSR previously, but his experience as a sales associate will sell him on the spot.

Example #2: Cover Letter For a Customer Service Representative With No Experience

customer service representative cover letter templates

Brian G. White

278 Goldcliff Circle

Washington, DC 20002




Washington, March 15, 2021

Olivia Bloom

Hiring Manager

Talkie Co.

132 Spring Road

Washington, DC 20002

Dear Olivia,

In response to your job posting for a customer service representative at Talkie Co., I am submitting my CV for your consideration. I have transferable customer service skills from my 1 year of experience as a sales associate. Your company is known for its professional and individual approach to the customer, which is the main reason why I chose your company over the others.

I have recently completed my studies at Washington University, where I majored in Psychology. These studies taught me how to talk to people more effectively. I am passionate about contact with people, I am a brave and talkative person, at the same time I have impeccable manners. In my job as a sales associate at Joe’s, I regularly served 400+ customers a day, while having to multitask stocking and cleaning duties, so I am used to having my attention split between multiple things. My cheerful and calm temper helps me to deal even with the most demanding customers, and I have been commended on it by my manager two times.

I am aware that Talkie Co.’s Customer Service is the first and most often the only department of the company which the customer contacts. I understand the significance you place on an impeccable manner and presentation, and I am ready to join your team and be an exemplary employee, thanks to whom the company will acquire new customers and maintain great relations with existing ones.

When could we schedule a call or a meeting for me to tell you how I used my psychology studies to help me upsell?


Brian G. White



The above two customer service representative cover letters won’t be stuck in the waiting queue. 

How to Write a Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

1. Format Your Cover Letter Correctly

Once you’ve got a headset on your head, you’re probably going to have to follow a script. Established rules for solving a recognised problem the fastest way. Here, we also have a common problem. 

The human attention span.

If anything seems off, even subjectively, the human mind has an amazing ability to make projections to the type of personality you have if you make schoolboy formatting errors in your customer service representative cover letter.

Here are the rules to follow for a premium brand cover letter format:

  • Use 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Your cover letter font should be the same as your CV font—use a classic like Tahoma or Arial.
  • Align text to the left without justification. 
  • Use 1.15 line spacing. Drop a line between each section, and between paragraphs.
  • 1-page is always enough for a cover letter.

It’s time to think about the product. So, what to include in your cover letter for customer service representative jobs?

2. List Your Details in the Header 

The header of your customer service representative cover letter should match your CV header.Underneath, list the city and date of the letter, and below that, paste the details of the person that’s handling the hiring. 

Check against our template:

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Header 

[ Your Full Name]

[ Your Job Title ] (Optional)

[ Phone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ LinkedIn Profile ]

[ City and Date ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Full Name ]

[ Hiring Manager’s Position, e.g. Team Leader ]

[ Company Name ]

[ Company Street Address ]

[ City and Zip Code ]

Expert Hint: Most big brands run their recruitment online. There are some specific issues to keep in mind when sending your customer service representative cover letter electronically, which our email cover letter guide will clue you up on. 

3. Say Which Job You’re Applying For and Introduce Yourself

Face it—there is usually going to be a stack of cover letters on your hiring manager’s desk. Not just for CSR. Chances are they might be looking for a new CTO and cleaner at the same time. They’re at wit’s end, considering swapping them around.

Don’t waste their time. In your cover letter always address the manager by their first name. If the name of the manager is nowhere to be found in the job posting, pick up the phone! Start your cover letter by telling them which job you’re applying for, and straight away provide a strong argument in your favour to keep them reading.

Check against the [blanks]:

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Example: Introduction

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]:

When I found out you are seeking to employ another Customer Service Representative at [Target Company Name], I was overjoyed. As a [Customer Service Representative / Previous Position Title] with [number of years]+ years of experience, and with significant [customer service/upselling/rapport building/conflict resolution/collaboration and teamwork/problem solving/time management/other relevant skills you have] skills that allowed me to [achieve something/reach goal/improve metric], I’m confident I can contribute to the world-class customer service at [Target Company Name].

Double your impact with a matching CV and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.

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4. Demonstrate You’re The Best Candidate

Imagine you get someone on the phone, and instead of getting to the crux of the issues, they start flooding you with unnecessary details. You stand a risk of doing this in your customer service representative cover letter— 

Simply through the virtue of being a human. Most people do this. This is not about how great you are. This is about how suitable a candidate you are. Focus on metrics and achievements that correspond to the requirements of your new position.

Like this.

Sample CSR Cover Letter: Middle Paragraph

You state that your new [CSR] must [refer to the requirements of the job]. As a [CSR/Previous Position Title] at [Name of Your Most Recent Company], I have acquired sizeable experience in [refer to the requirements of the job], resulting in [award/achievement/statistic/commendation/success]. I believe I have the experience necessary to help [Target Company Name] achieve [the goals or values important to your new employer].

Expert Hint: Is your customer service CV up to scratch? The Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that even though there are just under 3 million CSR jobs in the US, that figure will decline by at least 50,000 in the next decade. As competition tightens, make sure all your documents are ready to make the sale.

5. Show That You Want To Work There

Once you have already explained why it should be you, explain why you chose them. They know you applied to 50 other places, but it’s a chance to show that you researched a little about them and are thinking about how to benefit them, too.

Find out something key in the job ad or on the website—values important to them, or just something you may have spotted. Given how many applications they’re getting, they would rather employ someone who shows a bit of interest in the company.

Follow this template:

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample: Your Motivation

What I find admirable about [Target Company Name], is just how committed you are to [values/way of working/something you found about the company]. This makes me [adjective] to be applying to work here, as I share your beliefs that [refer to what you just mentioned]. This is why I believe working at [Target Company Name] would be a great culture-fit and ultimately a success for both me and you. 

6. Sell! Include a Call to Action

This whole time, we were building up to this moment. In this job, sometimes you will have to take risks. When you’re finishing your cover letter, ask for that interview. Justify it by offering to give your insight or expertise about something important to the company.

Here is how we closed a customer service representative cover letter example:

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample: Call to Action & Sign Off

When would be a good time to arrange a call or a meeting to discuss how my [your best, most relevant skill/their most important requirement] experience can help [Target Company Name] achieve [something important to this company]?

Best Regards,

[Digital Copy of Your Handwritten Signature]

[Your Full Name]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

One last tip. Don’t write a generic cover letter. They’ll think you don’t care about their company.

With ResumeLab’s CV builder you’ll write your CV in a flash. Get specific content to boost your chances of getting the job. Add job descriptions, bullet points, and skills. Improve your CV in our CV builder now.

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Key Points

When writing your cover letter for customer service representative positions, make sure to:

  • Double-check all the header information—for both you and the manager.
  • State clearly the position you’re applying for, and show right away that you’re the right match in the first paragraph. 
  • Pinpoint the key requirements and responsibilities of the job, and show them that you are up to the task—by describing your achievements in the second paragraph. 
  • Demonstrate genuine interest in this employer in the last paragraph of your customer service representative cover letter. 
  • Close the deal—ask for a meeting, or a call, and sign off. 

Do you have any more questions about writing a cover letter for customer service representatives? Did you find our customer service representative cover letter examples helpful? Leave us a comment, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!

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