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    Your cover letter must be visually appealing, highly readable, and well organized. That’s why our cover letter formats were co-developed by a team of graphic artists, professional cover letter writers, and HR experts. You can be sure they come up to the highest recruitment standards in each and every way.



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    Create a Resume Step Two Fill In the Blanks

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    Why use ResumeLab’s cover letter formats?

    Various styles for every profession.

    The cover letter formats from ResumeLab will fit every job seeker’s needs. Feel free to choose from modern, creative, or basic cover letter formats. Just find the one you like and apply for executive, mid-level, internship, or academic positions. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

    Sections of a Cover Letter Format

    Simple to tweak and personalize.

    Our cover letter formats are fully customizable. Compose the contents with a rich text editor. Try out different colours and find the best font combinations. Rearrange the sections. Want to try a completely different look? Just pick another format.

    Creative Cover Letter Format

    Make a matching cover letter and resume combo.

    Your job application is only complete when it consists of a resume and a cover letter. Use a matching resume and cover letter format to boost your chances. Quickly and easily.

    Simple Cover Letter Format

    Wow the recruiters. Outshine the other candidates.

    Land your interview in style. ResumeLab’s cover letter formats are optimized for readability and clarity. Use our repository of cover letter examples and learn how to highlight your strengths.

    Professional Cover Letter Formats

    Use our fillable cover letter formats and get your dream job.

    Make your cover letter

    How to make the most of a cover letter format?


    Pair it up with a matching resume.

    You can easily match our professional cover letter formats with a resume created in our builder. Just find a similarly named resume format and you’re all set.

    Choose a Cover Letter Format

    Address your cover letter to a specific person.

    Each format has a dedicated area in the header for the addressee’s contact details. Use it to personalize your letter and impress the reader.

    Address the Cover Letter

    Introduce yourself.

    Use the first paragraph of your cover letter format to briefly introduce yourself to the reader.

    Introduce Yourself in a Cover Letter

    Highlight your relevant skills and achievements.

    In the second paragraph of your cover letter, show the recruiter that your skills and experience are exactly what they’re looking for.

    Describe Your Strengths in a Cover Letter

    Show you’re a great cultural fit.

    The third paragraph of your cover letter is where you can show how well you know the company you’re applying to. Prove you fit the company culture.

    Show You Fit the Company in Your Cover Letter

    Include a call to action

    Use the last paragraph of your cover letter to invite the recruiter to meet you in person or schedule a phone call.

    Include a Call To Action in a Cover Letter

    Close your letter professionally.

    End your letter with a professional sign-off. See to it that the level of formality is adequate to the situation.

    Finish Your Cover Letter Professionally

    Mind the length.

    Our cover letter formats offer you plenty of space. But don’t exceed a single page. One-page cover letters get the job done effectively.

    Length of a Cover Letter

    Tailor your cover letter to the job offer.

    Don’t be tempted to simply paste a cover letter sample you found online into a format. Always tailor it to the job offer. And make sure it complements your resume, not just repeats it.

    Customize Your Cover Letter
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